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Let’s Build a Modern RPG Application! - With Paul Tuohy

If you were to write a new application in RPG, what would it look like?

In this hand-on workshop, Paul takes you through the design and implementation of a modern RPG application.

Topics covered include...

• Overview
• A Modern RPG Application
• Messaging
• A Sample Database
• Database Layer
• Tables, Key Constraints, Foreign Key Constraints, Check Constraints, Triggers, Indexes
• Views (and Indexes) and External Views
• Primary, Application and List Views
• Development Environment
• Data Access Layer
• Lists, Get, Add, Update, Delete
• Check Timestamp
• Handling Constraint Errors
• Service Layer
• SL Templates
• Get, Add, Update, Delete
• SL Templates vs DAL Templates
• Business Logic
• Interface and Clients

During the workshop you will learn to tables, indexes, views, database handlers and business handlers. You will also examine different interfaces for accessing the application you build.

Teacher is Paul Tuohy

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