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Birgitta Hauser

Birgitta Hauser has been a Software Engineer since 2008, focusing on RPG, SQL and Web development on IBM i at Toolmaker GmbH in Germany. She graduated with a business economics diploma, and started programming on the AS/400 in 1992. Before joining Toolmaker, she was responsible for the complete RPG, ILE, and Database programming conceptions for a software house with its own Warehouse Management Software Package. She also works in consulting and education as a trainer for RPG and SQL developers. Since 2002 she has frequently spoken at the COMMON User Groups in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Poland, Switzerland and USA. In addition, she is co-author of two Redbooks and also the author of several papers focusing on RPG and SQL for IBM Developer Works and a German magazine

Her specialist areas are:

  •  Application and Database Modernization

  • SQL Queries, Database Design

  • SQL Programming

  • User Defined Functions (UDF) and Table Functions

  • Journaling and Commitment Control

  • SQL Performance and Performance Analysis

  • RPG Free Format

  • ILE Concepts

  • Modular Programming

  • Data Into

  • XML and JSON: Generating and Consuming with SQL and RPG.


Courses Birgitta Hauser offer:

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