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Not your grandfathers AS/400, iSeries or System i

Knowledge is POWER

It is IBM i since 2008. But you knew that didn't you.. 


A course is so much more than just attending a conference or a webinar. Spend time with the real experts in each area and learn from the best of the best.

Take time and learn that new language or functionality that you've heard so much about but never take the time to study on your own


This is where you go from no clue to guru..

Online training

Our  speakers are all very experienced and well known in the IBM i community. They are performing at their best in class room but can offer all their services online as well



IBM i Competence can be seen as a network of IBM i experts that offer courses and other educational events, educational trips to IBM Lab facilities, webinars and much more. The goal is to make you and your colleagues more educated around the IBM Power Systems platform with main focus on the operating system IBM i.
Examples of competence areas:

  • RPG (From RPG III to Modern RPG **FREE)

  • RDi 

  • SQL

  • Db2

  • Performance

  • Open Source Solutions

  • Security

  • Modernization

  • Architecture

  • Strategy

  • Systems management

  • Backup 

  • HA (High Availability) Solutions

  • DevOps


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